What is Mentoring?

What is mentoring really all about? Not all of us have had the chance to be surrounded by the truly inspirational, deeply soulful human-beings who can see the world in the best light no matter what happens. To say that it is too late to change your outlook is merely an opinion, not a fact, because time has shown that if someone truly wants to work on their personality and improve the negative aspects in such a way that their life ameliorates, it is possible. The only question this raises is how much do you want this change? A mentor can only guide and hope for that ‘Oh Yes’ moment, however, it will take great power from you to adapt the new set of skills into your routine in order to do so. To give an example, let us compare this to our nutritional choices. The way we have the power to choose off the menu the food we desire, it might not necessarily mean that we are picking the one that is best for us.

The same goes for character traits, which for the sake of comparison I shall refer to as our ‘inner menu.’ Just because it is often easier to act in ways that are not morally best, does not mean those are right. It is about working in sync with our desires and actions, trying to pick the more positive. Okay,look,we are all human and we have our slip ups and cannot always be on our best behaviour but this is not an excuse which leaves a window to constantly apologise for our wrong doings. Success does indeed come from failures however we must show we have learnt the necessary lessons when the opportunities arise. We can and we should choose the higher road to achieve greater results. Be the master of your mind and not vice versa. By getting the help from your mentor you will simply develop an understanding in where you are making the same errors and how to target, minimise and in the future eliminate these problems so as to live a much more meaningful life. Just like the great leader Gandhi stated, be the change that you wish to see in the world as opposed to waiting for everyone else around you to become the way you want them to be. Happiness is when what you think, say and do are in harmony.