Natalia Irodova - Life Coaching and Personal Mentor

Life coaching.

Ever wanted to look at your life differently but don’t know where to begin? What is personal development and why the strong desire to ‘change’ the way you are? What is life coaching and why should anyone tell you how to live your life? Actually the role of the life coach is to question why we choose to do what we do, to help understand in the most efficient way our primary human needs and core values, as a result creating that happy balanced life uniquely tailored for you. Thus you can see the life coach giving you the necessary tools in order to reach the light at the end of the mind tunnel. As the famous phrase by Winston Churchill states: If you are going through hell, keep going! Just keep in mind, you do not have to be alone on this journey, as an experienced professional will guide you in minimising unnecessary repetitive errors – do not give up on yourself.

Have you stopped and thought for a moment that perhaps there are areas of your life that have been neglected by you? If these areas were addressed with more care, different outcomes would start showing themselves through. Instead of letting life simply happen to us, we need to take responsibility that the place we are in right now is because of our own decisions. Tough one to grasp? Of course, simply because we have been using excuses to justify the lack of action which could have lead us to different opportunities. ‘But’ is no longer a word we should be using if it will be followed by a negative explanation. Learn to say ‘but i will try,’ ‘but i will do better, ‘but I have learnt my lesson’ so as to achieve greater results than ever before.

Why haven’t we done so until now even though it seems far from complex? The answer is very simple, we have just not had the required hunger and desire for progress until now. Why now might you ask? Because you are reading this paragraph for a reason. You know you are looking for a way out and let me tell you, the only way out is through. You will need to go beyond the powers you ever thought you had, beyond the level of patience you thought you were capable of BUT you will make it! This is your sign of hope, the sign that the tree will blossom, growing the flowers and the fruits BUT It will take your work to find the land, to plant, water, shelter and everything else that comes with it in order to sit back one day and have that apple with the thought in mind, ‘Yes,it was me who had to do the work to get to the desired destination and the juice could not have tasted any sweeter.’ The time has come to stop just wanting and to start doing. By having me as your life coach you will focus on your definitive purpose and remember the most important thing of all, success in any area of life has to be planned, created and earned in advance.