A Little Bit About Psychology

As the father of psychology Sigmund Freud himself once stated that being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise. Think about this, how often are you this way? If not, then think why that is so. Escapism from reality is a modern problem where people try to procrastinate as opposed to focus on any given tasks. We are living in a world where we do not truly know who we are therefore end up mirroring people we think that others will like. However, this has lead to so many deeply unhappy individuals and very few genuine personalities. We do keep on hearing the phrase 'Be yourself' but have many times failed at being true to who we really are. With the help of a mentor you will open up and will be able to be entirely honest with yourself. On the one hand it may sound emotionally draining but, in order to see the true picture, we will have to open all the cards. I too had to do this and I could not be more grateful as now I am able to do what I love and follow my true calling.

Despite the common belief that we use only 10 percent of our brain,in reality we do use all the 100. The most recent article in Newsweek has been very fascinating, speaking of how neuroscientists are not just curing diseases but are learning to predict what we will think next. 'The brain has always been out biological black box but an explosion in neuroscience is finally giving us a glimpse into the mysterious machine. The orbitofrontal cortex is one of the most mysterious regions of the human brain, but neuroscientists hypothesize that it's where all our senses are integrated and then given value and meaning. Research also suggests it plays a role in controlling social behaviours like mood,drive and responsibility.'

Thanks to innovations like diffusion tensor imaging, which can show how damage caused by disease or injury prevents signals from traveling between brain cells, we are starting to learn.

Having a deeper understanding of how our brain actually functions, will have a direct effect on the field of mentoring as it will help us work together with our mind for greater good as opposed to against ourselves.