Natalia Irodova - Life Coach and Personal Mentor - Relationships


Nobody is really ever single or alone! Think about it. Whether you have a discussion with your family members, friends,colleagues etc, we are all in certain relationships with them.
The direction in which the relationship will go will greatly depend on our attitude.

We all know relationships have their ups and downs, thus having healthy communication is the key to a successful union. Here I have prepared a list of the top 5 most important tips which will greatly improve the way you interact with one another provided you follow through:

1.Be a good listener – when someone is trying to express themselves, make sure you do not interrupt. Firstly, let them explain their feelings before you go on to speak about yours.

2. Refrain from being loud and name –
calling – try your best to remain calm, keep your tone of voice low or at least neutral and do not put the other person down, as you surely wouldn’t want that done to you. Being kind will take you further in life.

3.Do not assume – take the words being said for what they are and do not give them another meaning. Instead of mind-reading, simply ask questions so as to clarify what was being said and not necessarily how you heard it.

4.Control your body language – Be an active listener, show respect to the person who is sharing their feelings and do not puff, roll your eyes, look away, fold your arms and so on. This kind of behaviour is very negative and will only lead to further arguments.

5. Take responsibility – it all begins from you speaking in first person and acknowledging where you take charge for the situation in which you aren’t feeling happy. Blaming the other person will lead to further tension and will not resolve the argument.

Communication really is the foundation of everything. The language we choose to use so as to convey our message can really change the course of the discussion, provided we are choosing to control the way we will behave. Almost anything can be worked through if only we take the responsibility to treat the other person the way we would like to be treated. Words have such tremendous power as they can either build the couple to reach tremendous heights or on the contrary, real lows. It is essential we refrain from using destructive language and behaviour if we care to solidify a healthy and positive relationship. Always think before you speak or act, even just for that split second and remember these tips!